The Bumpy Road to FI

I dreamed of one day being a doctor. I worked my tail off to get there with a goal of someday living the good life. I was not just in it for the money, as I was well aware there were much easier ways to make a buck. But I did it all wrong.

I took out too many students loans and racked up credit card debt. I bought the big house and new cars. Honestly, in the moment, I did not feel I was outside of the norm or extravagant. But little by little I was consumed by consumerism and slowly became a slave to the daily grind.

It was unconsciousness living and before I knew it, the job I loved became a chore, my marriage suffered and I was unhappy.

I began searching for a more mindful, healthy way of living. After all, I am trained to be a  healer, right? I ate healthy, I exercised, but something was missing.

I realized that my financial health had been suffering and it was taking a toll. Money should be working for me, not me for money. By living more intentionally, I am righting my wrongs on a path to financial freedom.

Join me as I travel The Bumpy Road To Financial Independence.

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